THE Super-salon

Our goal was to create an environment that surpassed expectations and left customers in awe. The resulting space would not only serve as a flagship for Additional Lengths but also become a destination in its own right—an iconic establishment that would redefine the standard of excellence in the region’s hair and beauty industry


Cocoon & Bauer embarked on a journey to deeply understand the brand’s identity, values, and vision for their new salon and store. Through close collaboration, a comprehensive ‘hit list’ of essential elements was developed and brought to life through a detailed 3D visualisation.

The primary objective was to create an extraordinary customer experience that seamlessly blended Hollywood glamour, modern social media integration, practicality, and an overall sense of luxury. To achieve this, meticulous attention was given to the layout to optimise flow and functionality, ensuring an exceptional customer journey at every step.


The super-salon featured a large product display area, drinks station, make-up stations, private salons and the fantastic Instagram Booths, featuring four different designs for clients to post on their socials!