Smart, Sophisticated and Mature

In conceiving the design for Flok, our vision was to redefine the traditional co-working experience by creating a versatile and inclusive environment. The goal was to seamlessly blend functionality, collaboration, and comfort, catering to the diverse needs of modern professionals.


The front space serves as the heartbeat of the co-working community, featuring a vibrant cafe and a flexible town-hall area. The cafe not only provides a welcoming atmosphere for socializing and informal meetings but also doubles as a dynamic space for networking and casual work.


The tiered seating design facilitates various activities, from impromptu meetings to breakout sessions. This setup allows for easy transformation of the space into presentation areas, fostering a collaborative atmosphere that encourages creativity and idea exchange. The tiered seating also accommodates TED Talks and other interactive events, creating a hub for knowledge-sharing within the co-working community. 

Understanding the growing importance of content creation, a dedicated podcast room is included along with meeting rooms, lounges, booths and war-rooms, allowing for a whole host of collaborative scenarios and focussed working.